Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Podcast Review: Ubuntu Uk Podcast

The Ubuntu UK Podcast is a bi-weekly round table of the topics of the day most specifically pertaining to Ubuntu. Having some stars of the Ubuntu community on the panel regularly, this podcast has the clout to invite quite a few impressive guests up to and including Mark Suttleworth.

These guys have friendly banter, giveaway contests and very well informed opinions covering topics from specific package development all the way up to DRM. With collective knowlege and experience as deep as it is wide, the subject is wide spectrum but always pertaining to Ubuntu.

The team also managed to attent most of the current linux community conferences and fesivals. They have provided "in the field" interviews from both UDS events during 2008. They also cover some of the topics and philosofies of what goes on behind the closed doors when the Masters Of The Universe get together.

The interesting bits are when the podcasters talk over product reviews related to Ubuntu as well as how they manage to use those products. One of the great advantages of Ubuntu is that there is usually more than one way to "skin a cat" so hearing from expert users and what formula of applications they combine for their experience is invaluable.

Anyway, it's a great listen, available in your prefered format and providing about an hour every two weeks means you will usually have a chance to offer feedback before the next episode. I have to say also that the guys on the team participate acitvely in the IRC chat room that they sponsor on the Freenode network. All of them are very approacable and there is a great sense of community around them.


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