Thursday, April 2, 2009

Podcast Review: GeekBrief.TV

Cali Lewis has a show that became her day job. I recall that when I started watching her show that it was almost exclusive gadget and product review. Now she sets her 6 min a day sights on projects and activities that are not exclusive product of the tech news scene but also for the geeks in her audience who just like scale airplanes up to new computer interfaces being designed in design and research centers.

Cali, who speaks amazingly fast and clear covers quite a bit of ground in her daily show. While moving at a blistering pace still manages to add her subjective view of the stories she's covering. While one of the prettiest tech reporters I've seen, she does an amazing job of letting her social responsibility appear on the show. While in one episode we may hear about a charity that has her interest, on the next we may have a Kindle unboxing.

I've not seen her reporting as slanted by the bias of what kind of systems she uses herself. But when she's really into stuff, it comes across on her show (for the better I think). Her story is an interesting one, if you have the time to go way back in the archives, then you be able to let her tell her story to you. If not, just check out her blog and read it :)

I recommend this, especially to my hardcore linux friends, since Geekbrief exposes me to some of the more mainstream tech. While Cali isn't interested in the stange server stuff that I am configuring, I find it helpfull to know what the latest drool worthy gadget is out there. I have to confess it is her show that has prevented me the ackward moment of "What is this Kindle thing you speak of?" at the water cooler.


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