Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Podcast Review: You Look Nice Today

The single funniest podcast I have ever heard. I don't want to talk about who is on this podcast in fear that it might give a prejudice of the content of the show. This half hour show that comes into my podcatcher every two weeks or so is a pure joy.

These cats, have tapped into the warped sense of humor that is the experience path of my life. With the random tangent thinking that harks of Monty Python with the silver tongue of professional orators, this show has me on the floor laughing so hard that I often have to pause the podcast until the tears finish to stream from my eyes.

The format is that it is a conversation of these 3 friends to which you are privy. They are candid, politically incorrect and at time quite vulgar. It is, in fact, exclusively comedy and shouldn't be taken for anything more serious than the red squeaky nose of a circus clown. It is a delight and I truly look forward to the surprise that is the arrival of a new episode of "You look nice today".

Highly recommended. For me it's a nice break from the more informational formats that I normally listen to. I mean, I have mostly tech podcasts which even if they have a fantastic amount of information they can be dry. This is the single comedy podcast that I have managed to remain subscribed to. I find that I am not very fond of stand up comedy recorded and sent down a podcast pipe. Let me promise you now, this show is NOT that.


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