Friday, April 17, 2009

Podcast review: Earth-Touch

Picture 1.pngThis podcast is an amazing video podcast which offers nature HD footage. I'm not sure what resources they use at Earth-Touch but the results are truly impressive. As I have my computer connected to my full-HD television, the approximate 8 minutes a week that arrives is visually stunning.

In this video podcast, there are amazing footage of animals in the wild from all around the world. There have been insects from Indonesia and rhinos from Africa. Usually filmed on the backdrop of amazing vistas and views, these scenes are breath taking and, in full HD, clear and crisp to the point of amazement.

If you have children, do no longer get to see the old "Mutal of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" this is the perfect substitute. I am old enough to remember being exposed to raw nature footage and films a great deal in what was "children programing" from my youth. I can say that learning of the far away places from which these animals come inspired me on more than one occasion to pick up an encyclopedia and learn something.

If you are into wildlife photography or just plain enjoy footage of elephants and lions in such detail as to identify singular hairs blowing in the wind, this show is a must have. I highly recommend this show no matter you personal motivations for watching.


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