Monday, April 6, 2009

Podcast Review: Mackbreak Weekly

Another star in the fleet of podcasts from Leo Laporte on his TWiT Network. Guess the topic of this one. With the topic of each weekly podcast being focused on the world from the Mac point of view. Make no mistake all of the members of this regularly cast panel have all drank deeply from the special Apple juice.

The podcast which normally is just over an hour long each week is filled with software reviews "picks of the week" as well as some very good exposure to what is the philosophy of Apple. Along with a very jovial interaction between the members of the panel and quite often even opposing points of views I feel this podcast gives very good depth to the topic which is Apple and all things Mac.

I'm slightly jaded since I own a mac, and find the hints and software that are disucssed of interest to myself. I highly recommend that mac owners listen to this one. I suggest, for the others to listen with interest if only to expand your exposure to how the other half live. I know there have been times I wanted to engage in a linux vs. mac shouting match with the pre-recorded podcast for lack of acknowledgement of anything non-mac. But then, I remember that it is the focus of the show and if there is a forum in which there should be a group of fat-brains talking about the world from the exclusive point of view mac, this is the place.

While they typically cover Apple news exclusively, they also discuss tech trends and how they might affect the Apple universe. During slow news weeks, again, with a fabulous panel the team can usually find something to talk about. Even on the weeks where the topics are not so inspiring to me, their engagement with each other is always entertaining.


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